Legal Malpractice

We trust lawyers to handle some of the most important and sensitive matters in our lives. Whether it be obtaining fair compensation for a serious injury, negotiating a business deal or representing our interests in a divorce, we expect attorneys to represent us with skill and efficiency.

The consequences of attorney error can be catastrophic. Cases can be dismissed due to mistakes made during the discovery process, or because the claim was not filed in time. Contracts can be unenforceable due to a lawyer’s mistake. An injured party may be precluded from putting his case before a jury of his peers because of his lawyer’s error. Our staff have handled hundreds of legal malpractice claims throughout the State of Connecticut. Contact us if you’re concerned about your lawyer’s representation of you.

Social Security Disability

You’ve worked hard all your life, but now you can’t due to one or more medical conditions. If your inability to work is permanent, you may be eligible for social security disability, a federally funded program that provides monthly cash benefits and access to health care for the disabled.

The process of applying for disability benefits can be confusing, frustrating and time consuming. The staff at Maki Law have helped thousands of disabled people get the benefits they deserve, and handle social security disability claims from the initial application through hearings before administrative law judges. Our fee is set by federal law, and there is no fee unless we obtain benefits for you.

If you’re considering applying for social security disability, or you’ve recently been denied, please contact us for a free consultation. Get the help you need to get the benefits you deserve.

Car Crashes

Motor vehicle accidents occur in a split second, but their effects can be life-changing. Victims of motor vehicle accidents can face staggering medical bills, mounting financial pressure due to time missed from work, and injuries which can permanently affect their ability to enjoy their lives as they used to. Our firm has decades of experience in helping those injured in motor vehicle accidents recover full compensation for their losses, and our team has helped hold careless drivers responsible for their actions, even when that means placing the matter before a jury.

Personal Injury

Mistakes and even the intentional conduct of others can cause injury to your person, serious property damage, financial loss and disruption to your life. An unkempt sidewalk, botched home improvements, neighbor misconduct and online defamation are just some examples of the kinds of injury claims Maki Law was successfully prosecuted. If the actions or inadvertence of another has caused you serious injury or loss, please contact us for a consultation.

Medical/Dental Malpractice

Doctors and other medical providers hold a unique position of trust. When that trust is betrayed, a momentary error can result in catastrophic injuries. Our office has successfully held doctors, dentists, nurses and other medical professionals responsible for harm caused by their actions. If you believe you have suffered injury due to the mistake of a medical provider, please contact us for a free consultation.

Commercial Litigation

We handle a wide variety of commercial litigation matters, including breach of contract claims, breaches of fiduciary duty, unfair trade practices claims and real estate disputes. Our breadth of experience allows us to carefully tailor a strategy to suit your needs, and to maximize your chance of achieving your objectives